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Taking the Mystery out of Recruitment

There are so many opportunities for recruitment in Canada and the United States and so as an athlete, or parent of a student athlete, it’s important you understand what makes you desirable to coaches. 

Our only desire is to help you get the opportunity you deserve through a combination of exposure plus academic and skill development.

Learn how to play the recruitment game now.

Your Vision

To play at the next level.

Canadians student-athletes are in high demand internationally because we’re passionate and we’re skilled. Learn what opportunities exist for you.


Our Mission

To get you Recruited!

Coach Mom is here to teach YOU the recruiting game and make sure you get the chance YOU deserve.


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Top 3 Advantages of Working with Coach Mom

Academic Guidance

The number #1 sought after skill from coaches worldwide is being a well-rounded student-athlete. Coach Mom provides the guidance and support you need to meet all of your academic requirements.

Family Support

Raising a student-athlete can be challenging for families- Coach Mom knows because she's done it herself, working a full-time job, as a single parent. With 3 boys of her own now thriving in university, she will work hand-in-hand with your family to ensure your superstar gets the chance they deserve.

Be Coach-able. Get Noticed.

Coach Mom can pair you with the coach that is right for you and ensure that you have the mental preparedness to be coach-able. The Annual Prep-School showcase puts you in front of top coaches from the Canada and USA so that you have the chance to shine.

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I’m super thankful for all that you’ve done, I’d honestly recommend Coach Mom for any player trying to get the next level, especially if you’re a younger player!”


Playing in North Carolina , Post Grad Program

Within a month of working with Coach Mom – player profile and her connections in the Prep US system had resulted in our son having multiple US schools ‘interested’. Then the real work began, applications, interviews, standardized testing, research and financial aide. It could have been overwhelming…however, with Coach Mom’s help we navigated through the steps with ease.



“When I started on the journey to get my son into a school in the US I didn’t know where to begin. I was told to contact Coach Mom. From the moment I spoke to Sharon on the phone I knew she was the person I wanted to work with for this process. Sharon met with us and explained our role in the process. She then went to work and within a few weeks she came back to us with an opportunity to attend a school in the US. She made the process easy and was there every step of the way to answer our questions and provide support.



# Canadians in NCAA

# of NCAA Partner Scholarships

# of Canadian CIS Scholarships

Billion Dollars worth of USA Athletic Scholarships Available

The Coach Mom Standard of Excellence

Coach Mom guarantees you the highest quality stamp of approval for student-athletes. View credentials here.



Candid Conversations. Full examination of options.



Consideration for your unique wants and needs.



Best-in-Class expert knowledge.

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